Join the IPSWA

In order to be able to afford costs associated with running a standalone association for print sports writers, we will begin requiring memberships to participate in certain aspects of our organization. The costs we face include supplies, meeting spaces, associated costs of running day-to-day operations, etc. However, we will always strive to charge the minimal cost possible, and have done so to the extent possible.

A one-year membership has been set by the board of directors at $15. This is for one calendar year from the date your membership is verified. At this time, membership is available only to print sports writers.

Being a member means you can attend the four selection meetings to select all-state football, boys basketball, girls basketball and baseball teams. You will also get "priority" access to all-state teams, meaning you will receive them on embargo. There is no requirement to attend all, or any, of the meetings. Level of participation is specifically determined by those electing to become a member. Non-members are authorized to publish the all-state teams, still, but will not receive the teams until the embargo date has passed.

A form and payment must be received prior to attending an all-state selection meeting.

To become a member, fill out the form below. Payments can be made in check by mail or by debit/credit card using the "Buy Now" button below. If you are paying online, you must fill out the form, click submit, then return to this page to submit payment.

There are discounts available for multiple memberships. We also can provide invoices to submit to accounting departments for payments by newspapers. To learn more, contact us at