IPSWA will not select baseball all-state teams this summer

Due to the unpredictable nature and inconsistencies of the baseball season due to COVID-19, the Iowa Print Sports Writers Association has decided it will not select all-state baseball teams this summer.

Too many teams have had their seasons impacted significantly, and the number of games played varies too greatly from team to team.

The Iowa Print Sports Writers Association Board of Directors determined that because of these obstacles, there would not be a way to properly and fairly select all-state baseball teams in 2020.

The organization intends to resume all-state selections for baseball in 2021. The Iowa Print Sports Writers Association will continue to monitor conditions surrounding football, boys basketball and girls basketball and make decisions on how the all-state process will look like for those sports in the coming month.

We apologize for any inconvenience and understand this news may be disappointing to many.

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