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Hello all,

With fall sports already nearing the one-month mark, IPSWA wanted to provide this brief update to membership regarding dues for the year and also a call for sports writers interested in serving on the board of directors.

Membership Dues

As we have resumed a new school year, we will soon be meeting again to select all-state teams for football, boys basketball, girls basketball and baseball.

We wanted to let you know that we have updated our website to begin accepting digital payments again, and you can renew or start your membership any time.

There’s no rush, we won’t meet for football until November. However, we will resume requiring sports writers to have active, paid memberships in order to vote in the selection meetings. (Coaches are always welcome to attend and do not need to be an IPSWA member. This only applies to sports writers.)

Membership is $15 per sports writer. Effective this year, memberships will follow the academic year. Our hope is that most sports writers will chose to renew their memberships each football season, and remain active members through the baseball all-state meeting.

Where does the money go? IPSWA uses membership dues to help run the various expenses of our organization, the biggest of which include supplies to use at meetings and food catering.

We also can provide invoices to submit to accounting departments for payments by newspapers. To learn more, contact us at

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to

Interested in serving on our board?

As IPSWA will celebrate its 4th birthday in February, we’ll be looking to fill some empty board spots of original founding members that have left their positions. If you’d be interested in taking your involvement to the next level, we’re looking for new members to join the IPSWA board of directors.

As a board member, you’ll help make key decisions to continue improving our all-state teams. Involvement includes the expectation that you’ll attend all-state selection meetings, and also help with the administration functions of the organization. Outside of selection meetings, the board members meet generally once or twice yearly and communicate as needed over email.

Email to express interest.

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